Make Your Own Window Box Reservoir

plant boxes

Window gardens come in various shapes and sizes, if you opt to buy one (such as these from Amazon) it the cost can be prohibitive but also they are fixed in size.

These devices are deceptively simple, as they work through a wick that feeds water into the soil and too the roots (so you could of course also ensure a constant source of food for your plants).

I wanted to give people new to window gardening a chance to build their own. I found a fantastic video on YouTube, which you can see below. The video is just a few minutes long but gives great results. Once you’ve completed the process a few times, you can look to more complex builds with pipes (not troughs, such as the image above).

If you’ve found this how to video useful please share this article with your friends, let them know how to build a self watering plant box (and save their plants this summer).

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